Before there was BOFA there was Improv at Canterbury High School. These teams of dedicated students were the nucleus of Team BOFA.
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Memories... you want the good and the ugly? I'll take some time and think about those. One comes immediately to mind: Meeting Faye  ( Zouroudis) in the school hallway the morning after our team (88) had been knocked out of the medal rounds -  after hanging on from the first night to the very last night of competition. We saw each other and both broke out crying, then hugged.

Liz Gontard ‘88


I remember one Herald we played: Transportation. We were lightning fast. And we did Inspector Clouseau (yours truly). And Steph ( Moore) sang in Gospel Style. And Deb ( Grinnell) and Steph and I did the in-the-audience-monologue Emotion game that I blew when Deb set up a little baggie in my dresser drawer and I said it was a knife (instead of drugs). Do you know that sometimes I still feel bad about that scene -- for not picking up on it and seeing
the clear path Deb was trying to form with her monologue? It was like I changed it because it was too close to the truth, and I didn't want to admit that!

Stuart Moffatt   87, 88

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