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1989 National Champions Gold
Howard Jerome Trophy
1990 National Champions Gold
Howard Jerome Trophy
1991 National Champions Gold
Howard Jerome Trophy
1992 National Champions Gold
Howard Jerome Trophy
1993 National Champions Gold
Howard Jerome Trophy
1994 National Champions Gold
Howard Jerome Trophy
1995 Nationals Silver 1996 Nationals Silver 1997 Johnson Moretti Award Ottawa Regionals Silver 1999 Ottawa Regionals First Place
"The Stagefright Trophy"
1999 Nationals Silver 1999 The Award Not Named After Johnson
for best scene in the Ottawa round (Theme)
2001 CHS Student Council "The Least Sleep" award Ottawa First Trophy 2003 2003 Regional Champions Gold 2003 Nationals Bronze 2004 Regional Champions Gold 2005 Connors Cup Exhibition Round
2005 Connors Cup
Ottawa Champions Gold
2005 Regional Gold
Cari cleaning trophies

Benjamin Clost - BOFA commentary from a fan.

"At the beginning of high school improv wasn't something I was really interested in, I always dismissed it as one of those things I would never get in to.......until BOFA season hit me."

Canterbury students win Improv Games
By Peter Hum, Published in The Ottawa Citizen, 1990

"A team of Canterbury High School students with a flair for on-the-spot drama has taken top honors at the 12th annual Canadian Improv Games. "

Canterbury: National Improv Champions
By Stuart Moffatt, published in VISTAS, June 1990

"So Canterbury knows how to improvise. That's good. The Canterbury Improv Team brought back the championship Howard Jerome Trophy - two years in a row. That's great! But we won't let it go to out heads - no inflamed egos here."

Improv Students Take to the Stage for the "Rock 'n' Roll of Theatre"
By Alex Anderson, Published by The Ottawa Citizen, March 1994

"They're stomping their feet, waving signs, singing songs and chanting "BOFA, BOFA" from logo painted faces. "

Canterbury takes sixth title in High-Drama Competition
Published by The Ottawa Citizen, March 1994

"Ottawa's Canterbury High School won it's sixth straight title in front of about 800 fans at the Canadian Improv Games Saturday at the National Arts Centre."

Canterbury Improv Team Reveals Secrets of Success
Published in OBE News, 1994

"In improvisational theatre, actors are thrust in front of audiences eager to be entertained. Yet these thespians don't have the tools used by other actors."

The Habs of High-school improv
Canterbury goes into the National Finals this weekend trying to take back the title it has won six of the past seven years
by Janice Kennedy, Published by The Ottawa Citizen, March 1996

"In less-favored NHL cities, fans have always grumbled enviously about the Montreal Canadiens, the world's greatest hockey team. By the time my childhood heros had won the Stanley Cup for a record-shattering fifth consecutive year in 1960, under the inspirational coaching of Toe Blake, the jealous muttering was dark indeed."

The Canadian Improv Games
Finding (Out) the Vision
Published in The Canadan Theatre Review
Winter 1993

"Ottawa 1974: Two high school students crash an Improvistion workshop wearing loincloths and wielding cardboard spears.

Ottawa March 1993: the Theatre of the National Arts Centre was filled to its nine-hundred-seat capacity with avid fans, alumni, and the merely curious to witness the finals of the Canadian Improv Games. The event was given national coverage via YTV."

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Leslie Glen - Fan


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