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To Brian Frommer for first conceiving the idea of a web site, and mentioning it in the back yard, under summer skies and the grapevine.
Brian Frommer


Bill Sourour

To Bill Sourour, for making the site seem a possibility: naming and registering the first site,    
Jehan Khoorshed

To Jehan Khoorshed and Chris Gully for giving birth to the site, for making the dream a reality - Chris for his painstaking work as site developer, Jehan for the writing; both for their initiative, work and enthusiasm, and our long exciting meeting in a Kingston cafe to plan structure and content.

Chris Gully
  To Mary Anderson Hardy, my sister and professional web-designer, for rescuing the site, and for raising it right - for her skills, her knowledge, her creativity, dedication and generosity. For hundreds of hours of work. For her special touch and her support.

Mary Hardy
Mary A. Hardy
YIC Development Services
Technical Consultant: Web Sites/Databases/Training Phone:1.717.843.8187


To all the people who did team writeups, and to these people who contributed other writing when asked -
Anna Humphrey, Stephanie Moore, Trisha Allison,Shannon Doern.

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  To those who came back to help, especially:
Stephanie Moore, who came in 90, 91, 92, 93, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98, 99, 00, 01; who watched, listened, encouraged, and gave freely of her talent and advice and support; and for her excellent and happy refereeing of the National Finals in '99.
Who was the reason I started it all.

Stephanie Moore

  Brian Frommer for his help and his passion in '96, '97, '98, '99, '00; and for his artististic, creative and practical work, for his gallantry and his fierce love, and his Voyageur bus trips for BOFA t-shirts

Brian Frommer

Matt Edison in '95
Matt Edison
    Martin Gero in '96 and '97; and for his enduring faith and caring;
Martin Gero

      Kurt Smeaton in '97;
Kurt Smeaton
    Jehan Khoorshed for his work, his dreams and his passion in 2000;
Jehan Khoorshed
      Matt Ouimet in 2000. Matt Ouimet
    Dave Nugent for help and his ideas, especially in '99; for always asking and for always listening, for always helping wherever he is. For Scat. And Parliamentary Debate. Of course Train!
Dave Nugent

      Levon Henderson, especially in '00, also '01,'02, '04. Levon Henderson
    Adam Denault, Mike Tallim and Will Alperin in 02.
Adam, Mike, Will
And to those who took over while I was in hospital, or recovering, '98-'02 - as hard as it was - Adam Denault, Mike Tallim, Levon Henderson, Jehan Khoorshed, Matt Ouimet, Dave Nugent, Christie Watson.

Christie Watson

  For their workshops, to Kathleen Cornish in '96, Andrew Morphew in '99, Marjorie Malpass in '00, '02, and Stephanie Moore, '90-01
Kathleen Cornish
  To Mump and Smoot for their inspiration and example, and to Michael Kennard ( Mump) for his workshop in '03.
Mike Kennard
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... for the Barrie Ager Show, '96, Johnson's Jubilee, '99, The Stars Return, '02, 03, '04, the City of Ottawa Christmas in the City show, 01. To all the BOFA grads who have been so true to their art and to BOFA and to CHS, and who have filled me with pride, joy, laughter.
And to the BOFA, CanCam and C.H.S. improv grads who use their minds, hearts and skills, and keep right on growing, and creating this Canadian culture, this Canadian society. This world.
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For a life full of joy and simple honesty;
For always acknowledging reality, and acting with integrity and love, no matter what;
For giving endlessly of advice, and support, and self;

For spreading the faith of improv and love ... for sharing Willie's vision and working achingly hard - from dressing in hot furry suits with ears, and knocking on doors in Ottawa streets for Games fundraising, to working with street kids in Vancouver, to playing "the Commish" with style at the NAC, to encouraging individual kids and teams across the country, and in Ottawa in particular;

For helping forge the Canadian Improv Games, the greatest institution for high school students that Canada has ever seen;
Specifically, for encouraging, so often, Jane Moore to become a coach at Canterbury; for respect and honour; for this advice that won BOFA its first elusive gold in 1989:
"Change everything ...go for it - get ALL (five) new games for tomorrow."
For listening and for making changes to the Games that benefited everyone
For his personal support through months of illness in '98 - his strong hand through weakness, his empathy through all challenges- for being first at the door through the haze of anaesthetic, for his laughter, always, everywhere
For the Sedbergh Games in 98; for putting the heart back in the disheartened
For his books and the hand-written messages of love
For being a visible example to kids of the power of good in the adult world, for rising above all his own challenges, for being a Prophet of the Possible
For loving teachers and for being an incomparable teacher himself, and at the end, knowing it.
For trust and admiration and honesty and valour - oh, for valour.
For rocking the stage at CHS at his farewell - Johnson's Improv Jamboree- when he performed with passion for at least 10 minutes when he could hardly stand.
For joking at that show, in between his tears.
For making meticulous funeral plans, so that the longest-funeral-service-ever was full of love and laughter
For dying as he lived: fighting, full of faith, full of love, with open heart and open home;
For his legacy. Inspiring love in so many seeking souls, and affecting their lives positively.
For being still a visible presence on doors and walls of drama rooms throughout the country; for his constant presence at every NAC competition; for making the phrase, "Johnson was right on my shoulder," understood by all, for its meaning of superb and lucky play
For one last great risk
For caring still.
Johnson Moretti
For her love and support and understanding of Johnson, always;
and for her tonnes of carrot cake that helped fund The Games.
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Willie Wyllie

For having the strength, heart, and wherewithal to create this great joyous movement, the Canadian Improv Games, and move it west and east from Ottawa, across our vast country
For his love of young people, of laughter, of theatre, of joy
For being a great and giving and generous friend
For support and intelligence
For listening and actively caring
For fighting for what he believes in
For his wonderful shows at the NAC and Under The Penguin that spurred so many
For wisdom and compassion - openness and humanity - gentleness and love - shown to so many.
For his suffering and endurance through his sudden and recurring illness.
For his constant faith; his tenacity; his many sacrifices;
For carrying on, missing his great friend, Johnson Moretti.
For his great contribution to the health of Canadian youth, and to Canada's culture.
For being The Man.
  Canadian Improv Games
Howard Jerome
Simply: For Starting It All
For his example - his constant omnipotent presence, vitality and talent, his commitment and vision and love.
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... who were not from CHS, but who have become legendary, and who were an inspiration, and who came from Glebe and Hillcrest and Brookfield and SRB and Nepean...

John Fucile, Terry McGurrin, Sandy Oh, Glen Cross, Brad Borbridge, Max Valiquette, Danny Levinson, Marjorie Silkoff, Colin McMahon, Greg Johnson, Scott Florence, Chris Moore, Kathy Preston, Sarah Clarke, Sarah Jackson, Birgitte Solem


Cast of "It's About Rock 'n Roll"

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... for joy, and their example,
Especially: Margot McDonald, Birgitte Solem, Terry McGurrin, Glen Cross, Hugh Neilson, Scott Florence, Stephanie Moore, Chris Moore, John Fucile and Willie Wyllie, of course.
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Our supportive administration, especially Ross Donaldson, Principal Extraordinaire, and Don McCormick and Barry Ager, together Canterbury's much-loved Supermen for half a decade;
      Ross Donaldson  
  And to Frank Wiley, who has helped Canterbury rise, phoenix-like, from its own ashes.
Always, Judy Kirsh, Arts Co-Ordinator, 90-02, Miracle Worker.
Jan Salmon, Arts Co-Ordinator 02-04.
Judy Kirsh
The Drama Department - especially Jim McNabb, whose support has always been unfaltering, and whose BOFA cookies in 1989, consumed in Derek Carkner's basement, fueled the first BOFA championship;
Jim McNabb

Paul Griffin for his expertise in Commedia and critiques in '96, and his advice on recent Life games; Angelina Trottier and sweet Marjorie Bryce for their support..
Marjory Bryce

To NICOLE and RON Eady, teachers par excellence, who supported BOFA always, and who judged the Invitationals every year. To Mike Fitzpatrick who listened to so much so often, and who critiqued Piano Bar.

Ron Eady

Nicole Eady

To the Canterbury Care Staff- whose understanding and patience have been given, so freely, so often, and whose patience has made possible many special moments in the Games: Cecil, Mike, Tony, Ron, Brenda and Rose, Nick, and all the others.
Thank you so much.


Tony and Ron
To all Canterbury teachers who recognized their work and forgave late assignments or gave a second chance to BOFA people who were living and working in another realm; to gentle, giving Theresa Kelly; to all those who supported us.
Theresa Kelly


Barb Rager
To ERIC GRICE who designed and made the first BOFA t-shirts in 1990; and to all those whose artistry has made them since: Jennifer, 01, Simon Rainville 03, Brian Frommer, 95-99, Dave Pendon, 90, Tyler Westerlund, 93, Cari Leslie 04


To KURT SMEATON who thought up the BOFA licence plates for the Bofamobile; and the 95 team who bought them as a gift, and surprised me with them in an end of-the-year June assembly. (And to Kurt's mum, Marj, who made it happen.)
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... their hard work, laughter and creativity, their eagerness to learn, their loyalty, determination and bigness of heart - their love of art and risk - their willingness to soar and fall. Their passion and ability to give. Their courage. You live in my heart.
... who make the Canadian Improv Games possible at all - especially to Hugh! Hugh! Hugh! Neilson, who critiqued and okayed Misery, in 1990, and loved CNN in '91; and taught us never to talk in line in Herald (Harold); to Scott Florence, who was there for the Games when he was needed, hungry ribs and all; and to Al Connors who has expanded the Ottawa Games exponentially, and made the NAC a very happy place for kids.

Al Connors

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... so many, who have provided support and understanding and transportation and nourishment, and to so many who have lent their homes for rehearsals.
Especially to Joan and Andre Frommer who for years have opened their home and their hearts to support BOFA, and then the C.I.G., for the Jane Moore Award, their attendance at every event they could come to, Joan's quilt to Johnson, food and drink, energy and positivity.
The Smeatons and The Frommers
To the Smeatons who were always so generous with their food and their home and transportation and support;  

John Gero
To John Gero who so often gave drives to the NAC, home and food and shelter, in '96 as late as 3 a.m, to struggling, noisy BOFA.    
To Louise Lefort Nugent, life-saver, who brought a wonderful dinner to the '99 team before National Finals, a year after Dave had graduated;
  Fishers To the Fishers who lent us their home and their church and their trampoline, over and over again;  
To the Thibaults for so many rehearsals, to the Allisons, to the Issenmans, to the Dillons, to the Leslies, and the Smiths; and to all the unnamed families who gave up their children for weeks, and who brought suppers through dark, cold winters;  
Ballroom To the Tollers who found us a wonderful studio to practise in on a long Sunday before division finals in 2003, and before national finals also.
And to their generous friends, Phil and Di Craig, owners of Dynomight Cartoons.
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... Catholic, Protestant and Mormon, who provided us with a place to practise when the school was closed or unaccommodating:
Dave Pendon's, Jessica Holmes', Steve Fisher's, Sarah McVie's.
To Ray Morrison, Beloved Old Friend, who lent us his home to practise in during the work-to-rule of 1990. To Stuart Currie, Cherished Old Friend, who understands implicitly, and whose laughter fuels mine.
To my dear friend Jacqueline Crawford who also understands, and whose passion meets mine. To dear Jim McNabb, who gets it always, even when he doesn't. To beautiful Marjory Bryce for laughter, understanding and comfort; To Barbara Rager for her depths of understanding and generosity of heart. Her courage. To Margeurite Jacks for her generosity and support.
To Kevin, Stephanie, Rebecca, and Mary, my beloved children, who try to understand, who share, and support me through crises of body and spirit.  
Kevin Moore
To Robert Crosby Mortimer and Norah (Bell) Mortimer, my parents, for their intelligence and their fire.
And to my sisters, Fleur, who has so often been there in person, and to Mary and Clare. To Susan. To my brother, Nick.
And to the rest of my vast and far-flung family, who care.
Fleur Nick Clare/Susan?
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To all supporters, students of Canterbury or other schools, kids and adults, and our specially-remembered fans - Ty Olsson, Ben Clost, Leslie Glen, Jamila Khanom-Allidina, the cheer-leading squad, the beautiful patient girl friends of BOFA guys... to all the faithful, passionate, creative, LOUD fans who began the use of face paint and banners and songs and ribbons in the Games, to the mascots Maxine, the Canterbury Goat, and Head.
Leslie Glen

Ben Clost
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