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Ottawa, Ont. Over at my momma’s place.
Ahhhhh, recently graduated from CHS. I’m postponing any thoughts of University for a year, and possibly sporadically returning to Canterbury to harass those I haven’t yet, possibly being an elitist with close friend, Colin Munch.
Midsummer Night's Dream at CHS. Spending early fall performing as a dancer in Toronto with newly sprung dance company, Capital Choreography. (C.C.) Also Constructing / Choreographing a dance showcase to debut at the annual NASAGA conference in Montreal, and tour southward from there with C.C.
My favorite BOFA moment would have to be the Toronto trip, yup the whole trip rocked, or was rocky. The pinnacle of the trip was the bemused reactions of the Eaton’s Centre security guards at the sight of the entire BOFA team (8) trying to fit into one of those photo booths, for pictures that would reveal only the pores of whoever was pushed up against the camera. And I’ll never forget the same security guards reprehending Colin for drinking what they thought to be alcohol, which was actually a national commodity, maple syrup, not that alcohol isn’t.
Continue part ownership of Capital Choreography for the upcoming year, and then sell myself like a pussy in a pet store during auditions to pursue Drama in University. And if someone else doesn’t first, I’m sure I will con myself into marrying another 7 members and the superb Ms. Moore for another BOFA term.  
My two favorite games would have to be the Blues game, and the S.A.R.S. game. Those games were just genius, or so I thought so, and I may not be a genius, but I’ve got an I.Q. above 100, therefore the law of standards states, I must be right.  
I thought we were able to draw the hearts of CHS to accompany us along the way, and having CHS psychotically patriotic about improv again was awesome. Besides that, “rocking the hizhouse” was also quite fun.  
Written in Summer, 2003  
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