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Orleans, In my Parents' House, Ontario
Grade 11, Dance Programme, Canterbury High School
The Love Talker directed by Megan Watson, performed by Pinecone Productions, is a play for which I choreographed some modern dance. It ran for a week at the 2002 Fringe Festival here in Ottawa.
The only time you’ll be seeing me performing in the next couple of months is either:
a)On the NAC stage rockin’ it with 7 other BOFA members
b) In the auditorium at Canterbury, dancin’ my little heart out.
When I’m not working hard in school, dance class or in rehearsal with BOFA, I have a part time job working in a giant Lemon.
No REALLY, I’m not kidding…..I do, I swear! I work for Terry’s Old Fashioned Lemonade…'s really good!
Okay, let me set the stage for you: *cough* It was approx. 8:00 on one of those long BOFA nights. A rare thing had happened; the whole team was drowsy and tired. So for the first time EVER, the whole team was calm. We then did what anyone else would do, we decided to practise our Life scene. Now the situation for this scene was: Chris asked Trisha out at a party and she said YES. But Chris already had a girlfriend. Well, as the scene went on, and it was time to hit that famous ten ( the climax of the scene) I ( Trisha ) come up with the well known phrase " If I asked you out would you say yes?" ……as to what happened after that, let's just say everyone lost FOCUS and they haven’t dropped it since!  
After Canterbury, I plan on going on to York and getting my Dance degree. I then plan on trying to get into the Iceland Dance Company which ironically only has 8 permanent members! And once that’s all over with, maybe I’ll start my own improv team at an arts high school called Yrubretnac, ya that would be nice….and all my improvers would call me Ms Om or OmOm.  
What's missing? WHAT'S MISSSING! Come on Ms Mo…YOU know what's missing…THE LOVE!!!!!!! Where is the love in this questionnaire..huh, HUH!  
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