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As of October 30, 2000
Still attending CHS -12/OA drama.
I have created and will continue creating plays, shows and music.

I’ve been performing in stage plays, clubs and have done many improvised shows for large corporations at far off hotels for ridiculous amounts of money.

The last show I worked on outside of school was a collaboration between
myself and Matthew Ouimet. We directed, wrote, produced and organized an experimental comedy show entitled Dog on a Spit.
It contained scenes, songs, and recorded material. Matt and I will be creating more shows in the future, such as The Donald and Mama Monologues and Fort: Trouble in the Ravine.

I care about the safety of animals, art preservation and my spine.
I am presently very smitten by an intoxicating member of the opposite sex.
I have no biological children.
At Jessica’s house we ordered pizza. Being the only vegetarian, I ate
something else. It was probably soup or toast. Her mother was beyond
hospitable and insisted that I eat more.
She gave me cheese. It was brie. I had never encountered this cheese before.
I took the large piece and bit off a mouthful. That didn’t feel right.
Ainslie, Jordan and Jessica then informed me that I was supposed to spread
it on the bread in front of me. Everyone started laughing. It doesn’t sound
very funny now, but we were exhausted.

Levon’s Dome. Early morning rehearsal. He offered me cereal. I accepted. My body told me that I needed extra sugar for the day. I sprinkled the contents of the sugar bowl onto my milky flakes.

Brian Frommer’s voice: I can’t believe you just did that!
Me: What?
Him: Who the hell puts salt on their cereal.

Levon keeps salt in a sugar bowl.
I ate the cereal anyway. I need some help feeding myself.

include finishing high school, training and performing physical theatre, and perhaps working in a circus. Creating shows.  
I love to create and play characters dripping pathos.  
Last year, I was on the honor roll for the first time ever!
This morning I was very proud of a Shakespearean Rap song I wrote and
I am having a hard time sleeping right now. My body is always exhausted but my brain is a race car.  
I found an abandoned golf course at Niagara on the Lake
on October 28. I don’t know how to golf but there sure was a lot of pretty
grass. I wrote in the sand pits with the rakes. I was very intrigued by the
Ball Washer. At the end of the golf course was a beautiful, paramount body
of water that never ended. Despite the hypothermic frozen air of late
autumn - it was absolutely gorgeous. I claimed it as Gregory Ocean, but was
later informed that it had already been named Lake Ontario. Empty golf
course + Gregory Ocean on a chilly Saturday evening = enchanting image.
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