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Why, Ottawa of course.
I’d like to say I go to school, but I’m simply a ringer.
About creating:

There is nothing that gets the mind to think as instantaneously and creatively as Improv does. Also the fact that we create everything we do out of less than scratch is just nifty.


About performing:
Performing is what makes improv worth doing, being on stage in front of hundreds of people and not knowing what’s going to come next is a feeling that can frighten or shock most, but is also a feeling that attracts the sick freaks that do improv year after year (after year).
To quote the mighty Alistair, “It’s like waves man, flowin”.
Favourite Bofa moment

“Why would we be stealing shoes? We have so many already!” and in the middle of a Harold stumbling onto some plutonium and turning into a giant man-eating, radioactive, big stinkin’ Godzilla-like dinosaur.


Future plans

Being one of the few to be doing competitive high school improv for 5 years straight as well as being the oldest person in a grade 11-math class in Canterbury history.

What did a Buddhist say to the hot dog vendor? Make me one with everything.


What's your favourite of the things you do?

Playing guitar, listening to the albums of the late greats Leadbelly and Skip James.


Enjoyed working at the best

Creating games is always great fun, the trading spaces game, or film noir, to name a few. But also just having a large group of people to support and be supported by in scenes.


Most proud of so far?

Coming up from the depths of dirty southern improv, to the land of milked and honeyed golden shiny improvisation that is Ottawa improv. Moving from last place in the Waterloo improv games in round one last year, to second place in round 1 this year. Much goodness had by all.

What’s a pedestrian? I think that’s when a girl marries another girl, right?


A message to your teammates or any other Ottawa Improvisers
"Put your hand on a hot stove for a minute, and it seems like an hour. Improvise for an hour, and it seems like a minute. That's relativity, baby." – Andrew Dillon and Albert Einstein
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