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Toronto, Ontario
I'm in my fourth year of a 4 year B.F.A. at Ryerson University for acting. Besides theatre school, I'm in the Naval Reserves (I joined in my last year at Canterbury)
- the Navy has paid for my theatre school training for the past three years.
In October, our run of The Grapes of Wrath, directed by Kelly Robinson, was a great success, with most shows selling out. We've just opened Olwyn Wymark's adaptation of Emile Zola's Nana, directed by Duncan
McIntosh. It runs until Dec. 4, 2000 at the Theatre School.
Gosh, there are so many... y'know, you'd think it'd be a memory onstage at the Games, like when we did the Clown game in '97, or even onstage outside of the Games, like the dance game we made up on the spot at
Sedbergh in '98 that used ALL the dances we'd learned over that year. But I would have to say my favorite Bofa memories are in rehearsal in rm 118. Playing games that due to the language and content would never see the light of day onstage, like Dave's puppy- killing scene, or Jehan and Matt's various prison rape scenes, or any scene we did that would make Jane cringe and roll her eyes. Yeah, those were the sweet moments.
Well, I plan on finishing up my diploma here at Ryerson this year. I'll be heading back to Ottawa for the summer, to take some electives at Carleton, and then coming back to T.O. next year for the optional fourth year for my B.F.A.. After that, I'll be heading out to the East Coast for a few months to work for the Navy, and then back to T.O. to start looking for an agent and work in the "Industry".  
I'm very proud of what I've learned and accomplished at theatre school, of course. I'm also very proud of what I've done in the Reserves - More than half my platoon in Basic Training didn't make it to graduation, and I had all sorts of amazing experiences in Victoria earning my trade qualifications
(firefighting, damage control, qualifying in half a dozen firearms).
Well, I went skydiving while I was in Victoria last summer, and it was pretty incredible. People think you have to jump out of the plane, but that's not true at all; what you do is, you climb out on to the wing, hold on to it with both hands, trail your body behind it and let go. What happens next is beyond
description. I was supposed to get it on tape, but my jump instructor forgot to press the record button, but I still have my jump record to prove I did it- damn, I wish I had that tape so I could see the look on my face when I let go, though.
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