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Brighton, East Sussex, England
After high school I traveled throughout Europe and worked in the UK, using it as a jump off point for more travel elsewhere.
Currently I'm living permanently in the UK, and working for (dear god!) a financial company. I have to be resident in the country for three years before they won't charge me scary international student fees for university. So I'm waiting out my 3 years, earning, and also taking part-time courses in costuming at The London College of Fashion and Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design.
I have independently published a 'zine about the Goth subculture in regards to the arts, music and club scene in various places. Interviewed bands, authors and artists as well as put together the whole layout and got it distributed internationally.

I've designed and maintained a personal web page for some years, and am also doing other freelance web design. Currently working with my partner on a Mervyn Peake Appreciation Page, at

More on the costume side - I'm designing and making my own clothes and jewelry and hope in the future once I'm a more proficient sewer to start up my own little business.

And lastly, I'm really trudging along, but writing bits I hope to eventually piece together into a play about trains, commuting and the bizarre world of office work and what not.

I haven't done too much at all since leaving Canterbury unfortunately, as I've been overwhelmed with work, travelling and paying the bills - plus having a hell of a commute at the end of the day, there's not much energy left to do anything really. I've just joined a local theatre company in Brighton though, so I’m getting back into the swing of things again slowly.
Off the job I've ended up modeling a bit for photographers in London, artsy Man Ray type things and so forth, which has been fun.

It may seem a small thing to some, but I'm swimming a lot now, which is great. I almost drowned numerous times as a child, so had an "issue" to say the least with swimming, as in I would freak out if you dropped me in a pool or body of water other than a shower.

I'm also trying to get a weekly Goth/Industrial/EBM synth-pop Club night started in Brighton, though it's turning out more difficult then originally thought as venues are scarce being already taken up and costly. But still trying to get on with that though.

I am currently engaged.  
A lot of my favorite Bofa memories seem to revolve around driving about in cars, especially Steve's massive van. I remember driving to competition in his van with Jehan, Matt and Bill listening to the university radio station CKCU. We were all madly hyper and full of nervous energy and the like, and the music on the radio at the time was this bizarre and very loud drumming and some guy yelling inaudibly. So we ended up screaming along and creating our own lyrics to the drumming, which ended up with us pretty much going " BANG, BANG, BANG..." Followed by rude lyrics I shan't repeat.

Again driving back from a meeting at the NAC in Naomi's little dear car, we were passing Hillcrest H.S. Matt and Jehan were in the back of the car and tearing up a storm. As we passed the rival school notorious for calling people from Canterbury "queers" and the like, Jehan hung out of the window screaming at people and waving his fist about, calling them "Artsy Faggo's" or something of the like. Earlier on Jehan had been hanging out of Naomi's
car with a big Pepsi bottle, yelling at people and pointing to the bottle saying in an odd voice "Peeeeepsiiiii Coliiiiiiii".

Purchasing a house here in the UK and once we have a mortgage and I've waited out the full three years here so I won't be an international student, start school again, either doing Costume Design or Theatre.

After graduating I hope to pursue a career in my chosen field, and also have a side business doing Web design, as well as having a clothing shop of my own creations.

At the moment I'd have to say it would be the web design. I really enjoy figuring out coding as well as making digital and graphics and what not.  
I'd have to say that would be designing and producing the costumes for our OAC production - Chamber Music at Canterbury. I just really enjoyed the whole process from design to the final product.

As well, once actual improv competition was over, I really enjoyed doing the shows that followed afterwards - still hard work but more fun and relaxed.
Especially when we did the show playing the games of the other teams from the finals *grin*.

I was part of a team that won the Provincial Marion Drysdale Award for a creative video. The theme for that year's competition was "Follow your dreams." We created a surrealistic video about a child's dreams and how the hopes of them lessen as you approach adulthood and reality takes a grip.  
At the moment it would have to be graduating from Canterbury and having gone through the 4-year Theatre programme. I'm proud that I got through it all and really did seem to make the most of my high school years in getting involved in loads of productions be it acting or backstage, the clubs at the school, and of course the legendary BOFA and improv.  
The most difficult thing has definitely been moving abroad to a foreign country right after high school. Not only because of leaving home and the comforts of friend and family; but also having to sort out a job, getting a lease, phones, tax and bills and everything. I really wish we'd had a course at school on how to and what you need to be able to rent a flat It would have saved me a hell of a lot of grief.  
New York City - I'd never been before, and was quite terrified by the prospect though excited. I envisioned New York to be like in the Simpson's episode when Homer visits there in the 70's, being chased by pimps, mugged, pigeons stealing your hot dogs etc etc. But upon arriving I was much surprised that people were really nice and friendly and quite helpful.

However I was chased by a pimp or dealer through Times Square, my fiancée was almost mugged at Port Authority while I was being chased, and we also almost had a gun pulled on us in broad daylight. Oh and our plane tickets were stolen and we had to go to the nearest police station in Chinatown, where the whole cast of NYPD Blue were apparently walking about and talking to us gruffly.

But the best or most amusing part of the trip, was when we were on the subway going to La Gardia, I was wearing massive platform type sneakers, black cargo pants, my hair was tied back and nose pierced. When all these darling little girls got on, with, I suppose, their day care, and filled up the whole carriage. They were about 5 years old, and were all whispering and looking at me and pointing, I couldn't help but look back and smile.
Then they started saying, "Spice Girl, Spice Girl," and pointed at me, and were soon followed by a chorus of some 20 little girls singing, "If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends."

I really don't like the Spice Girls, and wonder which frightening woman they thought I was, but it was still one of the dearest things I've ever been party to.

I like jam.  
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