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Los Angeles, California
I attended the National Theatre School of Canada, 1990-1993
I earned a certificate for graduating.
I am still an actor.
Since 1996 I have been working for the International School of Theatre Association (ISTA). Once or twice a year they send me somewhere in the world to teach an aspect of theatre to English- speaking students who attend international schools. So far I have taught Red Nose Clown and Improv in Hamburg, Germany; Improv and Shakespeare in Stavanger, Norway; Red Nose Clown and Shakespeare in Istanbul, Turkey and Shakespeare in Atlanta, USA.
Theatre (Selected)

Most recently: Laura, Danny Dorgan, at the Tiffany Theatre, Los Angeles with Linda Hamilton
Henry IV, Part 1, Mortimer, at the Annex Theatre, Toronto
Can You See Me Yet? Doberman, at Equity Showcase Theatre, Toronto
Romeo and Juliet, Romeo, Company of Fools, Ottawa
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead , Guildenstern at the Alumni Theatre, Toronto
Measure For Measure, Marianna and Mistress Overdone, Theatre Resource Centre, Toronto
The Country Wife, Mr. Dorilante, National Theatre School , Montreal
Three Sisters, Andrey, NTS
As You Like It, Duke Frederick, Mount Royal Shakespeare Company, Montreal
FILM and TELEVISION (Selected)
Danny Rivers in John Woo's Once A Thief for CTV. The episode is called Mama's Boy's and is about jewel thieves.
A appearance on PSI Factor.
Two appearances in Jonovision.
Iron Eagle IV with Lou Gossit Jr.;
Framed with Daniel Baldwin and Penelope Anne-Miller;
Innocence Lost.
It was on the last day, probably the morning of the finals and we had to come up with a whole new set of games. We were all very tired and had tried every style, concept, genre imaginable. We had become stupid, we had become brilliant, we had become stumped when Tyler Westerlund said, "what came through the window?" We had no idea what he meant by this, but we played it. It worked brilliantly and it has remained my favorite game ever since. Well that, and the Trivial Pursuit game.  
Continue to pursue acting here in L.A.  
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