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Vancouver, BC, Canada
I attended Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where I majored in
English and did an unofficial major in film and theatre (unofficial, because
I only took the courses I liked, and skipped the tiresome core survey classes). Following that, I attended Vancouver Film School's Foundation Film program, which offers hands-on training in film production. I tried working behind the scenes in film. I focused on getting work in the editing field for about a year and a half. At the same time though I was getting my head shots done and auditioning for student films. Finally, the opportunities in acting became more numerous than those in editing and I'm now entirely focused on acting. Right now I'm working at Chapters while doing occasional acting work whenever it comes along.
Since graduating from CHS, I appeared in a bunch of plays in college. And in my second year I wrote and directed a short film about a divorcing couple, that will hopefully never again see the light of day. In my final year I was assistant director of a production of Mad Forest by Caryl Churchill.

In film school, I edited a ten-minute documentary called Das Kapitalism, and worked on two short dramas, as editor on Living in a Vacuum, and casting director and camera operator on Strokes of Death.
My last editing job was an independent short film called Watching Mrs. Pomerantz, a project which pretty much soured me on the idea of editing as a career.
My latest project is a short film I've written and I'm trying to find the money to direct called The Quarrel.
I'm also involved in a website designed to provide information to Vancouver actors. I write film and play reviews. The site is just starting up so it's rough right now. But eventually I'll be posting new reviews every week. The web address is
The coolest thing I've done so far is an episode of The Lone Gunmen, the spin-off of the X-Files. Actually I just finished doing that today. I got shot and killed which was a pretty fun scene to do. It's first episode they've made after the pilot, so it'll probably be the second episode to air, when it starts sometime in February or March ( 2000) I think.
Laziness precludes any other hobbies I might have beyond what I'm already doing. Besides which, hobbies are for people who don't like their job. And my whole career plan has been about finding a way for people to pay me to do something I'd probably do for free anyway.
At the moment, I'm single, and have no children.... it'd be nice if one of
those things was different, though preferably not the latter.
I'd like my future to include my own series, or a very big role in a
very big movie... which would get me enough money to make my short film
(thereby avoiding the stupid fundraising game). But these are not the sort
of things one can plan for. Meanwhile, one waits and goes to more auditions.
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