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Ottawa, Ontario
I co-wrote and acted in a short skit/comedy play by the name of Phrüm in my second year of high school. I’ve done numerous school-related acting adventures, that is to say, I’ve helped to create a bunch of very obviously student run plays and scenes.
When I was younger I joined my school’s blues band, in which I played the guitar (rather shabbily) on one of the stages of the Tulip Festival. Other than the already mentioned Phrüm, the only times I would have been seen on stage would have been when I took part in two youth Shakespeare summer camps through the Ottawa School of Speech and Drama (OSSD).
Morning of Regional Finals, we’re all lying on our backs, heads together. We go around the circle for a focusing/encouragement moment, and all at once say, “BOFA”. As soon as it’s said, almost as if in response, the doorbell goes off – food was ready.
I’m planning on attending university after graduating from Canterbury and completing the drama programme, possibly to pursue my interests in English/sociology/politics.  
One of my favourite things to do is to stand on my own on a stage, with all the lights trained on me. To deliver a powerful line with all the force my voice and emotions can deliver, and then stare down each individual audience member sitting before me, just to see their reaction. And if I’m lucky, to remember the lines I was supposed to say and get back to the dialogue…  
Written in March, 2004  
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