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Jessica Holmes
After high school, I travelled to Europe, went to Ryerson for Radio &
Television, travelled to Venezuela for two years to do missionary work,
then returned to Ryerson to finish my degree in Radio & Television Arts.
After Ryerson, I decided to go into acting and more specifically, comedy.
I began writing & performing stand-up, monologues, and scenes. Went to
work for Second City.

Name them.
Comedy Now Special: Holmes Alone
Salter Street Series: The Itch

Various Second City Touring Company plays. 99 - 00

Television: The Itch (Salter Street Comedy)
Holmes Alone (Comedy Now Special) Both Summer of 00'

A 99' nominee for the Tim Simms Encouragement Fund and a few
appearances on Open Mike with Mike Bullard in 00'.

Nominated for a Gemini in 2001.

Second City, Tim Simms Playhouse, The Rivoli  
In many sketch shows, Dave Tomlinson has been my amazing partner in crime.  
Best of the Very Last (a mock talent contest featuring Dave Tomlinson
and me, in ‘99 and ‘00 - performed at the Tim Simms Playhouse in
I live with my wonderful partner and our cat. I take trips to Ottawa every few months to visit my family.  
I strongly support Amnesty International and Greenpeace in spirit, in cash, and in letter writing.  
Rehearsing for the Improv Games was always a treat for me, and remains the high point of my high school career. I enjoyed meeting and working with every member of the improv team - and that group of people remains one of the nicest I've ever met. I remain best friends with Genna du Plessis, who was a fellow team member.  
Having my hair and make-up done before a show is, in my opinion, the most luxurious experience. I'll never complain that it takes too much time.  
It's always been important for me to work with positive, open-minded people. The projects I've enjoyed the most have been ones where I get to work with friends.  
I was nominated for the Tim Simms Award in 99', and for three Canadian Comedy Awards in ‘00. I never win anything, but it's the party that's the most fun anyhow. (Such a loser's attitude)  
My proudest moment so far was my Comedy Now! Special: Holmes Alone; which I wrote and starred in. It was an amazing time where I worked really hard, and used every second of training that life, Canterbury, university etc.
has offered me.
I hate sitting in smoky work environments, waiting for my lungs to turn black. The acting (and especially comedy) industries don't always respect "no smoking in the workplace" rules - which is ironic because most performers work out and eat healthy so that their bodies don't fail them in the long run. For the smokers out there - don't be bums...go outside.  
The Just for Laughs experience I had in ‘99 was disappointing because I lost my voice. The stand-up felt weak because of it, and I had no confidence left for the improv championships. The rules of the improv were contrary to
everything I've ever learned. We were encouraged to talk over each other, to yell and to mug to the audience. It was a pretty bad night for all of us.
Re: television writing  
I did get to write for The Itch (along with four other people). I worked really hard because there were no other female writers and I knew I wanted to get a lot of strong women's scenes in. I brought my notebook with ideas
I've had for years but never used. I was able to get some good scenes from that. I did a lot of monologues as well, based on characters or impressions I've always wanted to do. I started those by writing a description of the
character I was playing in the first person. A lot of jokes came out of that. Most of my scene ideas came out of my own opinions on Hollywood or the ethics of being a role model.
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