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North Vancouver BC Canada
School - Mainly private courses. While in Ottawa, I studied acting and directing at the Ottawa School of Speech and Drama, monologue work with Abby Hagyard, jazz dance at Greta Leeming, and vocal production with Charlotte Stewart.

I still study with June Whitaker at ongoing private workshops, and have done so for the last 5 years. Try to attend workshops in other areas such as With Cathy Weslake Voice workshops for animated series etc...

I've been working as an actor and musician and supporting myself through that for the last 4 years. Before that I would work as a bartender to pay the bills, and take leaves when I'd be acting on a project.
With acting I've only filmed in Canada.
With my band The Town Pants I've toured in Canada, USA, Ireland, The
Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and Norway.
Oh ya, and Quebec! just kidding!
Two CD's

Shows, tons with the band.
Music, see above
Designs, CD layouts, band promo.
Businesses. The Town Pants is a partnership with three partners. We've
managed to do very well financially, and continue to increase our fan base
Websites: WWW.TheTownPants.Corked.Com or click on this:
Clothing, Shirts for merchandising.
Television :

I've had nice roles in TV series, such as
Outer Limits, 7 Days, Police Academy etc..

in M.O.W's (Movie of the week)
Y2K (NBC),
Unwed Father (ABC),
Bye Bye Birdie(ABC),
Home Song(CBS),
Beauty's Revenge(NBC) etc...

Films: only short films
Bands - You know enough about the band by now.

Two CD's - the first - Liverdance
The second one, Piston Baroque , was produced by
Spirit of the West member, Hugh McMillan.

I was the assistant producer at a dinner theater in Ottawa, called the Long Island Playhouse. for a season.

Sports, but just recreationally. I go sea kayaking, play football, go hiking, roller blading, have gone whitewater rafting several times and skydiving. Do lots of snowboarding, and generally try to stay in shape despite all the travelling  
Single, and happy (most of the time!). Being a full time musician doesn't seem to mix well with serious relationships. At least not yet, anyway!  
I miss the guys! When I was in BOFA I felt like I was surrounded by the most talented and interesting group of people in the world. There was a lot of competition within our group, and there was always adrenaline flowing in our rehearsals. There's something about all those long hours, being creative,
getting yelled at by Jane and deserving it, laughing together, screaming at
each other, and the nervous energy that I only get when I think back to our
competitions. I still get a surge when I think back to the last few minutes
before both N.A.C. finals. It's nothing like theatre, you're prepared with
theatre, sure opening night is scary, but absolutely nothing like going out
on stage and having no idea what is going to be thrown at you. I really miss
all of it! My best memory of Bofa was just that, the camaraderie, the fierce
competition, and the friendships.
I'm going to keep focused on the Music for four or five years, and if it comes to a point where I don't feel like I'm moving forward, I'll start focusing on acting again. I feel that all my life experiences will help me as an actor, and so I don't worry too much about walking away from it for a while to focus on the music.  
That's a tough question. I love being creative as an actor, and I love performing with my band as well. When I'm on the road with the band, I miss the acting, and vice versa when I have to cancel shows for acting work.  
Probably playing Freddie in the MOW, Bye Bye Birdie with Vanessa Williams, Jason Alexander, George Wendt, Tyne Daly, Chynna Phillips etc...(name dropping alert!) I worked on the musical for 10 weeks. We got to work with choreographer Ann Reinking, record the soundtrack in a great studio, talk with the writer (Michael Stewart) and composer (Charles Strouse), make great friendships, and as if that wasn't enough, they paid us scads of cash!  
I'm very proud of our new CD! Mostly because I helped compose, arrange, and record music that people all around the world (not as many as
I'd like) are listening to. When a video comes out, hopefully I'll be proud
of that too!
When I was strictly doing acting , I hated waiting for auditions. It drove
me absolutely nuts! That’s probably why I went back to music. I never
expected that the Band would end up getting in the way of acting jobs, but
Cest la vie!
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