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Earth, North America, Canada, Ontario, Ottawa, Glebe, Clarey, Third storey, Room at the top of the stairs to the right, My bed. Followed closely by room 118.
I was part of a collective sketch comedy performance child called Phrüm during Canterbury Arts Fest in grade 10; this was Tom's, and my, first instance of hilarity together. At the end of that year, I also co-wrote and co-directed a Fringe Fest comedy play called 100% Cotton. I make clothing sometimes, mostly easy stuff like pj’s, but I’ve made shirts and skirts, and if all goes according to plan, I’ll be sporting my own creation for grad.
Canterbury Arts Fest is really the only place I’ve performed so far. In grade nine I did a show called, It’s Only Me, which actually took place in the hallway, it was pretty awesome. Then I was a part of Phrüm in grade 10, as previously mentioned. I was also a part of Fantastical Folktales from Far, Far Away for the children’s theatre unit in the grade 11 drama programme. I also recently performed on the NAC studio stage during improv regionals, baby!

I directed a play for the Fringe Fest and I hated it. We had no space to rehearse in, everything was sloppy and last minute, we didn’t have our prop washing machines until a few days before, and by the last performance they were falling apart. No one knew their dance moves, and we only had one day to rehearse in our venue. It was, overall, a good experience; especially just getting out there in the theatre world, but man, was it stressful. And of course, I’ve played at Canterbury’s Arts Fest which is a great outlet for creativity and expression, and I look back on Phrüm as one of the best things I’ve done at this school.

My name up in lights on Broadway.
I didn’t like the position of director, mostly because I worked with a cast of my friends and we didn’t really establish the difference between Iris the friend and Iris the director, and that made it very difficult to attain any authority in my position. I didn’t like being the bad guy, and that made it impossible to get anything done.  
I love all the arts, and despite the lack of talent I have in most, I love doing them all. In my spare time (which is rare and highly valued these days), I write, draw, dance (well, that one mostly just in front of my mirror to some awesome 80's music—think ‘Good Vibrations’ and ‘Life is a Highway’). I’m part of a youth movement called Habonim Dror and I spend most of my vacations and summer at Camp Gesher and other functions of the movements. It is a socialist, labour Zionist movement, and I have met people from all over North America through it.  
My friends would describe me as granola—I’m a vegetarian and uh, I like to recycle, so there you go. This is also the source of endless mocking from the team, but it’s ok because I’m gonna live longer. I mean, how personal should I get here? I’m single and enjoy long walks on the beach.
I think my favourite moments were all at Robin’s house when we slept over close to the beginning of the season this year. We were all crammed into Nick’s room and talking. Talking about everything: some ridiculously long clown joke, balloon artists, Hamza’s weird “pebble in the blender” noise, and everything in between. It was really the first time we were a team together, and I loved every minute, and I still do. Rehearsal-wise, my favourite moment was the day after regional preliminaries. We were all tired and most of us were in a bad mood, and we were all sore as hell. We got up to play some herald. We had no energy so we played a round of Big Booty, and all of a sudden we lost it. We were so unfocused and we were just going nuts. We played some herald and a character game, but we were all losing it, rolling on the floor laughing and clutching our ribs in pain. I don’t even remember what was so funny about it, but it was by far the best rehearsal we’ve had.  
Aw, jeez, I get this question everywhere I turn. I don’t know yet. I recently chose my course for next year and I might not even take a spare just so I can keep all my doors open. Theatre is obviously a possibility, but so is biology, or psychology, or who knows, maybe even giraffe excavation.  
Right now? It’s gotta be improv. It’s really unlike anything else. I love the performing, but probably more than that even is the love of the improv community. It’s so awesome that so many people are brought together through the Games. I also love rehearsals, almost as much as performing.  
I can’t pick; I think in general I’ve liked working at high school the best. It’s been the busiest, hardest, most fun time of my life, and it’s the challenge of balancing school, and theatre, and drumming, and guitar, and my life. I’m working at the beginning of the rest of my life, and I’ve never been happier.  
Uh, I won the drama award last year. Oh yeah, and a speech contest in grade 8. ( And the Regional gold medal.)  
Probably Phrüm because I helped write, direct, and act in it and it really was my child. I put so much of my life into that show, and it was a hit. Performing that baby was the best feeling in the world.  
Improv is something you cannot do if you’re in a bad mood. It’s impossible to come to rehearsal feeling at all upset or even just in a calm mood. Getting past that and doing it despite how shitty you feel, or how much work you have waiting for you at home, or how little sleep you’ve been getting. And of course, the rhyming. I can do it when no one’s listening, I swear.  
Written in March, 2004  
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