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Right now I'm living in Gatineau
Immediately after getting my diploma, and not knowing what to do with my
life, I decided to go to Ottawa University and took General Arts. After a
year I decided to major in Sociology, and take a concentration in Women's Studies. I graduated summa cum laude with my Honours degree in Soc. I had planned to take a year off before doing my Master's in Sociology to start
paying off my lovely big-ass student loan, but as things would have it I continue to serve tables...alas, at least I have finally paid off my loan.
Other than going on a frightening yet culturally interesting trip to Las Vegas Nevada, and seeing the Grand Canyon, nowhere.
I'm currently taking a boxing course and hope to soon have my own pay per view match...
Probably my favourite memory was the night before the finals and we all crashed in various areas of your (Jane’s) house, we were trying to figure out what we were going to do as a scene. Everyone was tossing ideas but none of them were IT. When someone (who was it?...) had an epiphany and the plane game (or as I so fondly remember it) came into being. The improv was perfect because it incorporated everyone to create this beautiful moving animate
machine...I only wish I could have seen it from the audience's perspective. but the magic was realizing the plane game was IT and it being so fresh and new and us.
Figuring out what I'm going to do in the future : ) but really, I want to go back and do my Masters, it's just that the serving lifestyle is so lucrative and easy to get caught up in. It's easy to be content living in the industry microcosm. Alas, one day I will figure it out...  
Probably paying back my student loan. A thing I am quite proud of.  
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