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Canterbury High School (And my Mom’s house and Dad’s apartment, occasionally)
Going into my illegal second Grade 12 year at Canterbury (Ssshh)
I’ve transformed my basement into an ultra-high tech, top-secret laboratory where I’m constructing a shape-shifting robot that will allow me to infiltrate all levels of government. Other than that, looking forward to September when I can attempt the salvage the Midsummer Night’s Dream documentary whose computer and primary footage was stolen in a raid on the CommTech room at the end of last year.
Midsummer Night's Dream. The year coming up will hopefully be the epitome of what I wanted Canterbury to be: Little actual classwork and lots of free theatre. I have possibly three student productions coming up, as well as some extra stuff on the side. Not to mention that I might get corralled into doing some tech work, and of course BOFA again…
The crowning achievement of making clever names that have ‘mo’ in them: Rae’s classic “Mo-bile phone” Genius. Oh, and of course “Hey Andrew, Robin? What would life be like if we were all…UPSIDE DOWN?!” And when Hamza and I found out we made it; that was good times.  
Going to beat Dillon’s record as being the oldest member of a Grade Eleven math class in the fall. Plus I got a connection that could get me a job at House of Knives; I imagine I’ll be fired after I slice my own arm off with dual Katanas while defending the booth from Orange Julius-wielding twelve-year-olds! (Microsoft Words’ spellcheck suggested “Kittens” as a substitute for Katanas)  
We only played it once, but Melodrama was a blast; Rae and I being yuppy tourist narrators in Raggae; Barbecue Life (I shudder to think that we’ll have to improve on that next year, I can’t imagine anything working better); And of course getting “Romantic” as a communicable disease at National Semis, I’m never going into a sauna with Josh…  
That it didn’t take Hamza and I long to fit in with a group of people who were not only veterans of the games but of each other as well. I’m proud not only of the work we did and the fun we had, but that during it all I did my OAC Production with drama while producing, directing, editing, and filming a documentary about the process.  
Written in 2003  
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