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BOFA 97, 98, 99
Matt has created his own CD and is a working musician about town playing lots of jazz with groups such as the Johnny Vegas Rock Orchestra and Hyulp. After graduating from CHS, Matt worked at the Comedy Club in downtown Ottawa, and then helped create a new club, The iNSTiTUTiON. He was responsible for naming, and was also a part of the BOFA '01 Fringe show, 5 Guys and 4 Good Ideas. He made the Songbird commercial. He presently works and performs in Ottawa.
His quintessential creativity, his partnership with Jehan from 97-99, his ability to grasp the essence of a concept in a breath, his physicalizing, his leadership his absolute reliability, his huge hands, hardly speaking in '97 and never stopping in '99, his riveting performances in the Stranger Game and the Bully Show, creating and performing in Blues 97, Blues 99, and a million other games and shows, helping BOFA 2000, the Sex Ed assembly, the Oscars, making the BOFA '99 audio tape, a life-time of moments:

"Hi, I have sex... a lot," leading the '97 Blues as a wee grade 10, his uncanny and hilarious Jean Chretien, Sea Shanty, Sunday School, being "silly" in Rockumentary, Parliamentary Debate, Gospel, his United Way shows, music, music, music. Twenty-three rhymes in a row during Blues game, i.e. the entire second half of the scene, his red ball cap, Tigger bouncing out the door after 45 minutes, Ünther and Günther with Levon, being barred from hosting or speaking into a live microphone at a Canterbury event ever again, soap, being able to play harmonica, guitar, piano, drums, banjo, bass better than almost anyone; switching hands on the guitar with Jehan in their Blues band numbers, working for, and with, Mr. Steve, being able to handle all electronic equipment, taking charge, emceeing everywhere. Always responding to the call.

Growing in symbiosis with Jehan, together the heart of arguably one of the most powerful, the hardest -working, and the most magical BOFAs ever, in '99.

Updated 01-2005
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