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I am currently living in Toronto, Canada, and am beginning to dip my feet in Los Angeles, and London, England.
After CHS, I went to Concordia's 3-year- Theatre Performance Program in Montreal, Quebec.
I participated in the creation of a number of plays that were staged during my time there, as part of the program.
Other training:
Winston Sutton, Lucy Bertrand, Louis Guillmette, Joel Miller, Bryan Dooley, Jean-Francois Gagnon, Neil Freeman, Bonnie Raphael, Joseph Chaikin
Spinning Out Of Control Supporting E!Entertainment/Richard Martin
Crash Course Supporting Lifetime/Tom Rickman
The Ride Lead Showcase/Steve DiMarco
Our Hero Recurring CBC
Wings Of Hope Supporting Touchfilms/Raj Basu
Radio Active Lead TeleAction
Behind The Scenes Guest Star Comedy Network/Kate & Jane Ford
GoodWill Hunting Actor Miramax/Gus Van Sant
From Garbage... Principal Disney/ABC/Tim Kelleher
Platinum Co-Lead Showcase/CBC/Bruce McDonald
Balls Up Co-Lead City-TV/Norflicks/Alan Erlich
Everything To Gain Principal CBS/Michael Miller
Hollow Point Principal Sidney Furie
Rainbow Principal Filmline/Bob Hoskins
For Better or Worse Lead Gerald Tripp/L. Johnson
Teen Machine Lead CHRO/Linda Prichett
You Can’t Do That... Regular Nickelodeon/Roger Price
A Perfect Ganesh Ganesh Vancouver Playhouse/MTC
Romeo & Juliet Tybalt Canadian Stage/Josie LeGrice
Peer Gynt Project Peer, etc. Theatre Columbus/L. Cherniak
Where Is Kabuki Appr. Playwright Factory Theatre/J. Lambermont
Mango Chutney Sen/King Nightwood Theatre/D. Roberts
Faust Valentine Equity Showcase/Hans Engel
Love & Other Games Brian Centaur/J. Miller
Snakes & Ladders Luis Youtheatre/Micheline Chevrier
Twelfth Night Feste Repercussion/Henry Tarvainen
Macbeth Banquo Repercussion/Jack Langedyk
Midsummer Night’s Oberon Mt. Royal Shakes/Rachel Ditor
Midsummer Night’s Puck Another Shakes/Brigid Panet
The only real thing I do outside the business is spend time at the gym. I've been boxing training for a couple of years now. Grueling, brutal, brilliant.  
Many relationships with different women, lots of great heart-ache, nothing permanent...yet.  
Remembering the days of Bofa isn't anecdotal for me. It's, now bear with me, okay?, more like little lightning flashes of feelings and smears of light, as I turn my head. And it feels impossible to write about those feelings -- or maybe I don't want to, don't want to change the way they sit in me. Seriously. When I was on stage competing, there really was no thought. I wasn't ever saying to myself, "Okay, what can I do now that's funny, or that helps the team?". I don't remember performance that way, as silly as that sounds. I have nothing to really add, because there was absolutely no moment of decision. It was a blind, instinctual (I'm guessing) flash. I have no real memory of being on stage. No concrete retrospect of what was going on out there. I don't even remember the audience laughing or not laughing.

...if I was forced to pick a fond memory of the Bofa days, it would have to be the moment, after playing the hyper librarian who had to, in the end, build a statue of himself, out of himself in the character game in the Improv finals, I was hoisted into the air and the cast came together in a crazed group hug, suddenly bringing me out of my game-daze. It was a great moment for me to look around and see the team smiling and cheering together. Our team was a team full of leaders who often fought bitterly because we all thought we had brilliant ideas, and it was one of the first times I could see and feel how much we really were a tight, hilarious, out of control, exquisite family.

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