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After Canterbury I went to York for the acting program, a four-year
honours degree. Following York I gave up the acting career and headed out
West to chill out and live a normal life for a while. I lived in Banff, and
worked at the smallest Hudson's Bay store in the country. I spent four years
getting to know the back-country better. I would go camping every
opportunity I had, and never once ran into a bear! I never pursued any arts
while there. Not acting, writing or directing.
I returned to Toronto, and worked my first summer with Shakespeare
in the Rough
(SITR) on The Two Noble Kinsmen, playing Artesius and Rycas. I spent the next three summers with SITR acting in All's Well That Ends Well, (Lord Dumaine), King John (Lewis The Dauphin) (also assisted the producer), and Titus Andronicus (Bassianus/The Messenger).

I also appeared onstage at Buddies in Bad Times in Platform 9/Die In Debt's production of Megatropolis (A King's Man), and at The Rivoli in I Still Know You Did a Fringe Play Last Summerworks (Freddie Jason Michaels).

I shot a commercial for a local sub shop named Chubby Subby (wide open for interpretation), and did some voice-over work for a web cartoon

I do not have an agent nor have I had one ever, believing that I'd
rather find work on my own- which ends up being tidbits here and there, but
is at least work that I have dug up, and projects that I want and like
to do. It's amazing how well friendships count in this business- most of the
work has been through referral or with people I know directly


In the fall of 2000, I produced/acted in Linda Griffiths' The
Darling Family: A Duet for Three
, which has been picked up by The Centaur Theatre for their Walk On The Wild Side Festival in February 2001. I am currently looking at producing more pieces of work that will represent myself as an actor.


I have been writing scripts for the past year and though I can't
ever seem to finish one, the quality of writing has improved (or so say I).

I have had a day job ever since I graduated- first with the Bay in
Banff and also with them upon my return to Toronto. I am presently working
for Spin Master Toys doing invoicing. They make air-powered planes and mini BMX bikes called Flick Trix. They are very flexible with my hours and I can work around any acting work I get.

I have never cherished the idea of starving for my art which may
have hurt my ability to get tons of work- but I enjoy certain comforts that
starving artists do not. I believe you can have the cake and eat it too-
though it does make you a jack of all trades and possibly master of none,
it has served me well. I am currently in a position to produce my own
pieces and not worry about starving myself or claiming bankruptcy. Though
they are still small projects, they feature me as an actor in a favourable
light, and with a high degree of exposure.

The most enjoyable experience has been working on Titus Andronicus.
Every year with SITR I thought it would be impossible to beat the quality of
the ensemble from the year before. The talent and personalities that the
company attracts is such a treat. It's amazing to think that you can find a
dozen performers that are so generous with themselves, and willing to live
the experience of a seven week run, in the out-of-doors, and who are so free
with their art. Every year has gotten better, and Titus was the best. It was
the first summer where I was truly sad when it ended. (And being with people for nine weeks is so often not such a treat).

I am married to Gayle Fraser- a former improv player from Bell High
School in Nepean. We met at York and spent ten years getting to know each
other. We married in 1999, at her parents' place in Bells Corners, on a
sweltering June day. My family thought it best that we all take a swim -
gladly Gayle did not get thrown in, and my suit was not wool. Ahh man- made fabrics!
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