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BOFA 94, 95, 96
After CHS, Kurt spent a year working, and doing Eddie May Murder Mysteries in Ottawa; he did the Bofa Fringe in '96. He then went to George Brown for Theatre. He has for years worked with the CIG, coaching teams, judging, and writing a book on improv. He has acted in Martin's varied screen productions, and also performed in Toronto.
Lately he has written 90 skits (or so) with Jessica Holmes for The Holmes Show, and is a co-star in the show. The Holmes Show shot 22 episodes, and it airs on CTV, Sept 24, '02. Kurt also has starring roles in many commercials, such as Budweiser.
Zany characters, off-the-wall humour, enthusiasm, being the wacko guy to Martin's straight man, physicality, creativity, leadership, caring about the BOFA team and then about other teams, coaching in '97. Also for doing the Pez Family at Peter's Pantry. His undying feuds with Tom Green. Egos and Icons at GCTC. Bringing the house down with New York, New York at the end of year assembly. Emceeing a lot, including the Bofa Homecoming with Martin in '96. Two-Melody, jumping on almost everyone in every rehearsal, Teen Magazine, being a lead in Stomp, "We've done our bit," crazy bench games, his detective in Piano Bar, the bashful Adam in the Genesis game. And of course his "I used to go camping a lot . . . " speech in Youth Issues.
Funny songs and night-time piano playing at Jane Moore's place , his generous parents, being a heart of the team.
Written in Sept., 2002
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