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Maureen Megan Welch
Other stage name:
Maureen Ross Neilson
Living in:
After CHS:
I moved to Toronto to attend Ryerson University, majoring in Theatre Arts.
For myself it's a rewarding experience that is ever evolving. The act of creating reaches into the depths of my dreams, both conscious and otherwise. It's like breathing; utterly necessary to sustain life, and a gift that ascends beyond all others that I might have been blessed with. It is personal, and it is for me. I thrive with the joy of it everyday.
It allows me to bond in a larger sense with others. I am able to give of myself, and to myself, on a level that wouldn't be possible were it not for a venue that had been provided for it long ago. The feeling of raw, open, and honest discovery in the company of friends, family, and perfect strangers, leaves me feeling blissfully naked. My hope always is that after I perform for a group of people, they leave the experience with something that they didn't have before - or that they felt a connection to their lives where there might otherwise not have been one. Of course performance in and of itself, is always a collaboration, and for that I am forever grateful for the creativity and openness of others.

Some performances include:

Juliet with the Company of Fools, roles in Fool for Love,( Tarragon)
Les Belles Soeurs, ( Berkeley St. Theatre)
The Dreamer Examines His Pillow ( Village Playhouse)
CBC, CTV, Bravo! and
Gilda Radner: It's always Something (ABC)
Lead role in Edoardo Ponti's new film, Between Strangers,
appearing opposite Sophia Loren and Mira Sorvino.
The film is to be released in July 2002.

Whenever and wherever it is desired, and possible.  
Being in charge:  
Where one's life is concerned - paramount. Taking charge of every part of yourself, and owning everything that you do and say is what we all have to offer in this world as individuals. When you allow yourself to be strung along, to fumble through life taking on other people's opinions as your own, whether that be because of lack of commitment, or even mere complacency, you are above all else doing yourself a disservice. Read voraciously, write when the spirit moves you to do so, be inquisitive, acquire an opinion that is all your own - voice it. Take charge of the person that is you, everyday. Sometimes it's hard work, but above all else, it is truly freeing.  
OFF the job:  
I have adopted the attitude in life of a retiree. I attempt to live without labouring, and enjoy without effort. As a result, I don't define myself by work or job, nor make a distinction between being "on" or "off" where life is concerned. I have developed an intrinsic distaste for that prying pervasive question "So, what do you do?" Horrible. I just am, preferably with a smile.  
Favourite Bofa moment:  
Oh god - I could write a book. Off the top of my head I would have to say one of the best moments of being a part of The Canadian Improv Games happened the first year I participated. It was 1985, I was in grade 9, and the Games were still a local Ottawa phenomenon. The team I was on consisted of primarily grade 9 students. We were new, we were juniors, and we were decidedly underdogs. We came in second overall that year, and managed to scoop up two individual event awards as well - golds. When our team placed in the top three I remember experiencing something that I had only felt to that extreme once before. I began to laugh and cry at the same time - such a wonderful, euphoric feeling. I had the good fortune to share that moment with a group of seven others - and wherever you are, whatever you're doing - you know what I mean.
I think that moment preceded the infamous naming of all Canterbury.
teams to come -by one angry Hillcrest student if memory serves-, but the
spirit of a "bunchoffuckinartsies" was already alive and kicking by that
time. So it counts.
Your future plans:  
Continuing to laugh and love and feel and give and enjoy life as fully as I currently know how to. If in doing so I have a positive effect on others, all the better. I hope that I can always learn something new, and that I can be in the good company of others that are doing so as well.  
Favourite thing to do:  
Laughter. Providing it for others, and taking it from all that surrounds me.  
What have you enjoyed working at the best? Least?  
Best: My character
Least: Other people's delusions
What have you done that you are the most proud of so far?  
I take pride in having learned how to take charge of myself, owning all that is me. It was a considerable journey. It was a difficult journey. It was worth every step.  
Links - The site is currently under construction, but when it's up and running, I would be more than pleased to have any interested parties visit it, learn from it, enjoy it…  
What's missing?  
Global thinking.
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