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BOFA '89, '90, '91, '92, '93
After graduating from Canterbury in '93, Tyler went on to further study at Ryerson University in Toronto. Since Ryerson, his credits include such film work as It all Happens Incredibly Fast , Toronto International Film Festival, Dry Hump Tilt , Texas Film Festival; No Tomorrow, T.I.F.F., and assorted pieces of television work for Showtime. In theatre, some Shakespeare in the Park , sketch comedy, and writing and directing 'edgy' student awareness scripts for the Toronto Board of Education.
His latest credits include television commercial campaigns for Labbatt Blue 2001 'Cup Crazy' , Wrigley's Extra 'Polar Ice', and the 2002 Honda Civic. Presently Tyler's with North America's most dangerous Rock and Roll band, White Cowbell Oklahoma, bound for New York and Europe.
Tyler is making a feature film in the spring, and an album this fall.
Being BOFA's Grand Old Man.
Creativity, What Came Through The Window, the ' 92 Emotion scene with Jessica, the Salesman Game, the Furniture Game, the 911 Game, hoisting a sail in Trivial Pursuit, the slide show in Tragic Hero, that Southern accent, wall-ball, Jane-ball, team t-shirts, rocking on the metal stool, chain mail, the unexpected, his "twisting" role, being outrageous. And more! LOTS more!
Written in Sept., 2002
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