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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
After two years in the Drama programme at Canterbury I am now attending Glebe Collegiate Institute and am in grade 12.


I work at the Blue Cactus downtown in the Byward Market as a hostess.

I travelled to Brazil last summer and learned all about Latin jazz. Got to sing in a club in Ipanema, I sang "Girl from Ipanema ". It was very cool.

I have been doing a few gigs with my dad and his band around Ottawa, and jamming whenever I can.
I am playing basketball for the Ottawa Guards, a competitive basketball team, and for my school's senior girls team, Glebe. We hope to go to
OFSAA this year.
Basketball (see above) & tennis at the Elmdale Tennis Club.  
“Ms. Moore, may I possibly go to the washroom???
Chelsea - basketball superstar, we ain't no cheese, we coo' beer.
Tell Jehan to bring some beavertails.
Sean, did you shower before you had lunch?
You're right, we are the black sheep. It's what goes on...
Matt, enough drawing pictures on the chalkboard,
Andrew and I went out, like, two years ago. Does anyone
know any other word that rhymes with Jess, other than
Bess? OBVIOUSLY, nothing right, Jess. Bowling ball
head - are you sure you can drive, Ms. Moore, Ok, just
put on your seat belt, Ms. Moore, you've got to put it on,
are you sure you're feeling all right??
Adam, today we start at you when we do wheel of rhyme,
Mike is THE devil. Jess, you CAN sing!
Spiffy Griffy, what do you want me to call you, the
Spifster? I love you all! Hope you had great SUMMERTIMEs.
I would love to become a screen actress or a WNBA SUPERSTAR!  
Spend time with my grandma.  
My basketball team is undefeated.  
I think the most difficult thing for me was deciding between the arts and sports, which meant deciding to leave Canterbury or stay. I wanted to do both so badly but there just wasn't enough time. I really miss Canterbury; the people, the programs and the teachers. I love everything about it and I will never forget my time there.  
I am taking grade ten Spanish at Glebe this year. This course really excited me because I really love learning new languages. Everyday my Spanish teacher asks if anyone has any questions about lessons she's taught. She always asks, “Preguntas? Alguin?” Preguntas. I thought it was really funny how she kept on asking this Alguin chick if she had any questions, because this girl would never answer. I would constantly think to myself who is this invisible girl, Alguin, she never answers any questions, how incredibly rude is that? Every time my teacher would ask “Preguntas? Alguin?” I would follow the gaze of her eyes to find out who thisgirl was, but I could never quite catch where she was looking as she said the name. Finally I decided to ask my "neighbor" if there was an Alguin in the class. She told me she didn't think so, so I asked her why our teacher would always call her name in
class. My neighbour burst out in laughter and told me that “Alguin “means “someone”, so she had been asking, “questions, someone? “
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